We are a unique digital agency in Europe

Nexd combines different disciplines : that means the whole team is learning and developing every day. Media planner learns design, creative director learns programming and the programmer learns to animate.

That's how new ideas are born.


Our Work

Since the birth of Nexd in 2015 we have worked for many markets and brands over Europe.
Our portfolio includes Adidas, Ikea, Vans, Tiffany&Co, Nissan, Renault, T-Mobile, Telia, Lattelecom, Samsung and many more.

We also work very closely with creative and media agencies and publishers by producing media innovative solutions to mobile and desktop media.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Barbara Männersdorfer

As one of the most experienced mobile technologies and communication solution companies, IQ mobile is proud of using the AdCanvas mobile ad platform. The outstanding graphical performance (3D rooms, rendering,..) is essential for our clients´ branding and campaigning. The creative possibilities and the easy to use CMS help us to stay focussed on our clients tasks & targets. Thanks AdCanvas.

Barbara MännersdorferInternational Campaign Manager, IQ Mobile GmbH, Vienna
Margit Kotkas

Quick, energetic, with the X-factor, dynamic. That’s Nexd.

Margit KotkasHead of Marketing at AS LHV Pank, Tallinn
Daniels Marhels

It’s really hard to maintain a balance between creativity and process oriented approach. Nexd manages to excel in both.

Daniels MarhelsHead of Digital Marketing Department, Lattelecom Group, Riga

Our Service

We produce digital content and innovation for agencies and brands.
Our projects vary from producing banners for a creative agency to full service to brands - from a creative idea to media planning and analysis.

Mobile ads

Cutting edge mobile ad’s & do-it-yourself CMS (visit adcanvas.com to learn more)

Mobile apps

IOS and Android apps based on our own technology that enables more than anyone can do

Corporate sites

Mobile optimised web and content with tailor made solutions for tablets. We bring innovation in everything we do on desktop

Desktop production

Campaign landing pages, branded content, social media content marketing, front end development, HTML & all other advertising formats


Motion graphics, 3D and grading for commercials. We cover every step of post production for both TV and video advertising on any device

Animation & motion graphics

Creative solutions for content marketing and TV

One stop service

We offer creative agency and media services to brands. Our approach is more tech savvy than traditional creative agency. With one stop service we cover the whole chain from brief to business results


Contact us

If the digital landscape challenges your company. If you wish to do things better and discover new untraditional angles how to approach your clients - don't hesitate to contact us. No matter how big your business or where it is located, we can help it grow.