We are Nexd – a four screen communication and production company.


Everything is shifting towards mobile and that’s exactly why we have developed the world’s best mobile ads. These ads can be added to every publication, every blog, every push notification, and every e-mail – you’ll see!

In addition to creating content for all digital screens, we also plan media.
And together with publishers (today, anyone can be a publisher), we create new ways to advertise products and services on all four screens.


You can see and experience our demos in your mobile. Tap below to open the demo.


You can also see the ads in desktop and navigate with your mouse. But our ads are mobile native so your thumb will give you a better experience than the mouse. Swipe through carousel and tab on thumbnail. Then experience an advertisment.


2–3 templates added every week. Each one containing a little bit of magic.




Every screen has a very different
role and function.



Communication. Between the consumer and the brand. Yes, in two ways. From beautiful storytelling to sales catalogues.



Inspiration. A sofa device that inspires the reader every evening and every weekend. Beautiful content makes all the difference. Here, the brand is the publisher.



Task. Buy airplane tickets, book a hotel, keep a blog… errr do your job (if you are not travelling or at a meeting or a seminar…)



Teaser. If you are a brand, tease your consumer, be short, attractive, and sharp. Meanwhile, viewers continue using other screens (see previous screens).



Why are we Mobile First?

Because mobile is a tiny giant.


Mobile vs TV

Mobile is actually bigger. And full of analytics. You can measure every interaction and every tap on the screen.
Mobile is also several times cheaper to produce. Besides, you can now watch TV from your mobile and in the upcoming years, broadcast TV will become less significant than alternative services.


Mobile vs Print

With mobile, you get as many full page ads in one ad space as you want. With print, one page is just one page. Mobile enables you to get the entire Universe for the same money. Nice.


Mobile vs Outdoor

A mobile ad viewer can actually see the ad. People also see OD, but generally at 50km/h. That’s not good. That’s dangerous. An OD in Times Square is good, gorgeous even. But you have to travel to NYC to see it. OD is not bad, you just can’t see, track and analyse it quite well. Otherwise it’s ok.


Mobile vs Direct Mail

On a mobile screen, the direct mail catalogue is delivered to all readers on the news site. The first page of the sales catalogue can be very interactive and entertaining like a video or a game similar to Angry Birds. This creates engagement. And what’s best – the entire catalogue can be saved on your mobile. On the front screen. As an app icon. Very cool.
Now, printed direct mail is mainly on paper. Made from wood. That’s actually a forest. A forest that’s just being thrown away. Poor birds, Bambi and other lovely forest folk. Printed direct mail must be stopped! (Just as many other things, actually).

bambi Go Mobile!




We put strangers together and got

something extraordinary. Simple.


Innovation is often old things put together in a new way. Think of a tractor and a cannon – put them together and you get a tank. Or combine a tractor and a car – you get a Land Rover. The result can be very attractive. Sometimes even sexy and beautiful – men’s clothes + woman = Chanel Prêt-à-Porter.



Coco Chanel in her own clothes with Serge Lifar


Our model is:

Mobile software engineering + content creation + media planning 
(not really Coco).


We are much more technological than a traditional advertising agency.
We are much more beautiful than a normal software company.
We are more content-wise than a traditional media agency, but still very much data driven.


We deliver fantastically engaging mobile ads, effective media planning and innovation in mobile for brands whose consumers are on mobile. And this includes every brand.






Rain Pikand

Over 15 years of experience in advertising and branding. Across all medias.


Patrik Kupenko

10 Years of experience in media & communications. Has previously worked for Audi, as a Media Director in MediaCom & as a Managing Director in OMD. Comprehensive experience in marketing, strategic and tactical media planning, digital media and team leadership.


Ronald Kozak

Over 10 years of experience with film & tv post production, animation and motion graphics. Additional experience with mobile games, app publishing and app marketing (aso)


Ivar Krustok

5 Years of experience in digital marketing. Previously Head of Resolution Media in Estonia (part of Omnicom Media Group). He has worked with the world’s largest brands including McDonalds, Nissan and Carlsberg. He has also been lecturing online marketing courses at Tallinn University.






Põhja puiestee 27a, 
Tallinn, Estonia

+372 5660 3309


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